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Optical Dispenser

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
National Center for Healthcare Apprenticeships (NCHA)
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

5 skill sets | 32 total skills
Provide Patient Procedures and Activities According to Standards of Workplace
Assemble patient education materials
Assist provider in patient examinations and procedures
Consult with provider concerning procedures and patient condition
Measure patient facial features
Adjust eyeglass frames
Assist patients in selecting optical items to conform to corresponding optical prescriptions and established procedures
Complete patient forms and records
Collect and analyze data
Utilize computer programs and software necessary to do the required work
Perform all Laboratory Work within Required Duties: Fabricate Ophthalmic Products
Clean work area; Operate and maintain equipment
Attach temples to frames
Fit finished lenses into frames
Handle Computer printouts
Receive and ship finished eyeglasses
Other Duties as Assigned
Provide Excellent Optical Customer Service: Fit and Dispense Spectacle Lens, Other Ophthalmic Devices and Contact Lens
Inspect lenses and eyeglasses to verify correct processing of prescription
Investigate lost, misplaced or incorrectly filed prescription orders
Package eyeglasses in containers for courier or customer pick up
Refine shape of lenses by smoothing edges
Adjust patient eyeglass frames
Assist patient in selecting optical items
Examine eyeglasses from laboratory
Make minor repairs and adjustments to eyeglasses
Maintain optical supplies
Measure patient facial feature
Diagnose and trouble shoot eyewear issues
Utilize Good Communication Skills in all Personal Interactions in the Workplace
Works well with team members
Provides culturally sensitive communications with all interactions and service
Provide excellent customer service
Perform all Workplace Tasks Utilizing Safety Rules and Precautions
Performs all tasks on the job following established safety policies and procedures
Utilizes all designated protective personal equipment (PPE) and/or safety equipment assigned for task
Reports all injuries and hazards to supervisor immediately

Technical Instruction

Light and Single Vision - 80 req. hrs
Coursework in this module is designed to teach the basic anatomy and physiology of the eye. Causes and treatments of low vision are discussed, and you will also receive hands-on classroom training in lensometry, frame measurements and patient measurements.
Multifocals - 80 req. hrs
In these courses, you will learn about different lens designs, prescription, true powers, and transposition, metric system and diopter power. You will also practice the steps required to fabricate multifocal glasses using plastic, metal and nylon chord frames and receive hands-on experience in progressive lens mapping techniques.
Frames/Lenses - 80 req. hrs
Coursework in this module covers different lens and frame materials and designs as well as various optical products available in the market. You will be introduced to salesmanship, and you will have the opportunity to practice frame standard and anatomical alignments and repairs.
Soft Contact Lenses - 80 req. hrs
In these courses, you will study anatomy and the physiology of the eye as you learn to fit, insert and remove soft contact lenses. You will also gain hands-on practice with keratometer, slit lamp and other related instruments to verify CL parameters and be introduced to various complications and medical problems related to CL wear.
Rigid Contact Lenses - 80 req. hrs
These courses focuses on teaching you the effect of vertex distance on lens power. Refractive errors are presented, and you will study the proper care system for rigid lenses. You will also be introduced to various complications and medical conditions that require specialty contact lens fitting.
Anatomy/Physiology/Prisms - 80 req. hrs
Understanding Lens Materials and their Abby value, specific gravity and refractive index as it relates to the prescription. In these courses, different lens designs, prescription, true powers, transposition, the metric system and diopter power are discussed, and you will learn to calculate the horizontal and vertical powers. You will also receive hands-on experience in lensometry, frame measurements and patient measurements while practicing the steps required fabricating a pair of glasses with prescribed prisms.

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