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Pile Driver

Hybrid Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

5 skill sets | 5 total skills
Core Skills - 325 req. hrs
Concrete Formwork - 1,300 req. hrs
Pile Installation - 975 req. hrs
Foundation, Shoring, and Underpinning Systems - 975 req. hrs
Metal/Hot Work - 975 req. hrs

Technical Instruction

Core Skills
Industry Orientation
OSHA 10-Hr
First Aid/ CPR/AED
Construction Fall Protection
Confined Space
Safety Data Sheets
Math for the Trades
Print Reading
Hand/Power/Engine Driven Tools
Diversity Training
Green Awareness
Soil Mechanics
Marine Safety/Seamanship
Concrete & Form Work
Introduction to Formwork
Introduction to False work
Form Hardware
Bridge Forms
Piers, Pier & Pile Caps, Columns
Wall Forms
Gang Forms
Slab & Deck Forms
Footing Forms
Stair Forms
Concrete, Grout, Epoxy
Specialty Forms
Underwater Formwork
Pile Installation
Types of Piling
Crane & Rig Identification & Setup
Pile Driving Accessories
Pile Driving Hammers
Wood Piling
Concrete Piling
Steel Piling
Composite Piling
Cast in Place Piling,
Plastic Piling
Test Pile and Pile Load Testing
Foundation, Shoring & Underpinning Systems
Introduction to False work
Types of Foundation Systems
Types of Shoring
Types of Underpinning
Cofferdams, Cells
Caissons and Drilled Shafts
Shoring, Lagging, Tiebacks
Pin Piles, Earth Nails, Geotextiles
Shoring for Horizontal Boring
Slurry Systems, Cutoff walls, Tremie Pours
Structural Retrofit
Heavy Timber and Steel Construction
Timber Construction
Trestles/Pile Bents
Work Templates, Platforms
Mats and Cribbing
Flumes, Culverts, Irrigation Systems
Metal/Hot Work
Cutting & Burning
Introduction To Welding
Plasma Cutting
Air Arc Gouging
Field Cutting Techniques
Field Welding Techniques
Layout, Fit up, Fabrication
Plastic Welding
Supplemental Skills
Rigging & Signaling Qualification Certificate
Layout Instruments
Powder Actuated Tools
Advanced Pile Driver Rigging Techniques
Lead Abatement
Powered Industrial Truck Operator Qualification
Aerial Lift Qualification
Scaffold Erector Qualification

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