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Polysomnographic Technologist

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Northern Light AR Gould Hospital
O*Net Code
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

13 skill sets | 38 total skills
Study Preparation
Assess physician's order to assure appropriateness in conjunction with reviewing of patient's medical records
Determine & accommodate the patient's age-specific needs, disability and/or other special needs
Determine the need for additional physiological monitors
Determine the possible need for emergency intervention
Recording equipment integrity
Perform an all-channel & montage calibration
Recognize & correct recording equipment malfunctions observed during calibration, including polysomnography amplifiers, ancillary equipment & audiovisual equipment
Perform a post-calibration procedure to verify the integrity of recorded data
Patient and Family Interaction
Verify patient identification using tow identifiers
Interview the patient to obtain any additional information
Answer questions related to sleep disorders testing
Provide appropriate patient and family education including expectations of technical procedures
Determine the possible need for emergency intervention
Follow established protocols for placement of ECG, EMG EOG and other recording electrodes & sensors used in polysomnography using standards precautions during patient preparation
Obtaining Accurate Patient Recordings
Acquire, verify and document biological calibrations prior to 'lights out' to document integrity of the physiological monitors
Recognize & minimize artifacts so that sleep stages & all monitoring channels are clearly visible throughout the recording
Recognize & document relevant data such as body position changes, life-threatening events, EEG and ECG abnormalities, etc.
Document routine changes periodically throughout the recording to include notes on observed behavior, parasomnias, notations of montage and equipment settings
Recognize the need for clinical interventions (Oxygen, Positive Airway Pressure Titration, CPR, etc.) and perform them according to established guidelines
Concluding the PSG
Perform a post-calibration following 'lights-on' to document integrity of the recording
Remove electrodes & sensors from the patient
Document a summary of the polysomnography & clinical observations in order to assist with the interpretation (clinically significant behavior, significant cardiac arrhythmia, etc.)
Prepare patient data and chart for score
Clean and disinfect electrodes and other reusable equipment according to manufacturer's guidelines and/or established department
Comprehensive Reporting to the Physician
Include observations of snore quality
Document therapeutic levels, modes of therapy and accessories utilized
Differentiate between potentially lethal and non-lethal ECG patterns with documentation
Document relevant sleep/wake behaviors
Summarize the therapeutic intervention
Patient Education and Support
Follow department protocols to assist the patient in receiving follow-up care
Provide positive airway pressure support and education on equipment as needed to patients
Monitor ongoing contact with the referring physician when his/her positive airway pressure patient is seen to issues with treatment
Recognize the role of the technologist versus the role of the physician in the treatment of the positive airway pressure patient and know when to refer the patient back to the physician
Participate in community awareness health and education programs to provide information on sleep disorders
Perform positive airway pressure titration in accordance with established protocol
Perform oxygen titration in accordance with established protocol
Perform multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) in accordance with established protocol
Demonstrate knowledge of processing patient charges
Demonstrate knowledge of office flow procedures

Time-Based Skills

8 skill sets | 0 total skills
Conduct direct patient recording - clinical experience on-site polysomnography
Attend AASM Training in Atlanta Georgia
Complete AASM CME modules
Complete TAMC Frontline Leadership Training
Complete TAMC Orientation
Complete TAMC EMR training
Complete EMHS Healthstream training
Attend and participate in 12 TAMC monthly meetings

Technical Instruction

AASM: One Step Introductory Course
The role of the polysomnographic tech
Hookup procedures
Electrode placement
Tech documentation
Artifact recognition & correction
CPAP – critical interface and titration
Sleep stage snoring
Normal sleep
Limb movement disorders
Sleep disordered breathing
CPAP & bi-level titration & compliance
Surgical approaches for sleep disordered breathing
Upper airway resistance syndrome
Recording & scoring of respiratory activity
MSLT/MWT; technique, indication & interpretation
DC amplifiers & Infection control workshop
Nocturnal seizures
Pediatric sleep disorders
Review of Polysomnograms
Home sleep testing
Finding your first sleep job
Overview of the registry exam process

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