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Power Plant Operator

Time-Based Apprenticeship
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

6 skill sets | 53 total skills
Operation and Maintenance of Turbine Auxiliaries - 1000 req. hrs
Condensate pumps
Circulating pumps
Generator air coolers
Air ejectors
Low-pressure heaters
Lube-oil filters
Lube-oil purifiers (centrifuge)
Auxiliary oil pumps
Oiling - 500 req. hrs
Boiler feed pumps
High pressure heaters
Low pressure heaters
Draft fans, open heaters
Closed heaters
Miscellaneous pumps, steam and electric driven
Air compressors
Water Testing (Boiler) - 1000 req. hrs
Tests on raw water
Test boiler water for hard- ness and oxygen content
P and M alkalinity readings
Test for phosphate content
Test for sulphate content
Determine carbonate-sulphate ratio
Test for total chloride content
Determine total solids concentration
Take ph. readings
Determine amount of chemical(s) needed to bring low reading up to predetermined normal
When to blow boilers
Mixing and standardizing/ normalizing testing solutions
Circulating cooling water
Turbine Operation - 1000 req. hrs
Recognize normal readings on instruments
Steam pressure and vacuum gauges
Oil pressures and temperatures
Condenser vacuum
Steam and water flow meters
Prepare turbine and auxiliaries for starting and bringing up to speed
Turbine room safety
Switchboard Operation - 1000 req. hrs
Use and interpret readings on switchboard instruments, watt-hour meters, voltmeters, voltage regulators, power factors, frequency meters, synchroscope
Use of remote-control switches, hand-operated disconnects, oil circuit breakers
Substation layout and switching
Synchronize incoming turbine
Safety in switchboard room
Operate in Boiler Room - 1000 req. hrs
Use and interpret boiler room instruments, draft gauges, pressure gauges, CO2 indicators, recorders
Proper combustion
Use of super-heaters
Induced and forced draft fans
Boiler feed pumps
Feed water regulators
Safety in boiler room

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