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Powerhouse Mechanic

Time-Based Apprenticeship
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

10 skill sets | 52 total skills
Tools - 200 req. hrs
Learning names of tools
Learning use of hand tools
Learning use of power tools
Operation of Power Tools - 200 req. hrs
Drill Press
Drilling, reaming, etc.
Pedestal Grinder
Flat grinding
Angular grinding
Pipe Threading Machine
Pipe threading
Bolt threading
General Maintenance - 1000 req. hrs
Learn how to move and dismantle equipment
Learn how to level, align and assemble equipment
Learn how to diagnose mechanical difficulties
Learn how to replace worn or broken parts
Learn how to fit bearings
Identify gears
Identify structural steel
Pipe Cutting - 600 req. hrs
Learn pipe sizes
Learn cutting and threading techniques
Use hand tools
Tubing (General) - 160 req. hrs
Learn sizes
Learn cutting techniques
Learn sweating
Learn flaring and other connecting techniques
Valves - 200 req. hrs
Repair and replace
Gaskets and Packings - 120 req. hrs
Identify gasket and packing materials
Learn proper selection and installation of gaskets and packing
Power Plant Equipment - 2720 req. hrs
Boiler type, care, repair: Automatic combustion feed water, safety controls / Auxiliary equipment-pumps, blowers, safety valves, blowdown valves, fuel oil, water and steam flow metering / Safety feature-flame eye, pressure relief, low water protection, air fuel requirements, etc. / Chemical treatment of feed water and steam condensate
Turbines and Pumps: Line up and expansion provisions / Special packing conditions - carbon, etc. / Adjustment and special safety control-overspread trip, etc. / Interchangeability of steam power for electrically operated auxiliaries
Traps: Maintenance and repair
Heat Exchangers: Enclosed tubular / Meter, remote, and automatic controls
Piping Installed and Repaired - 600 req. hrs
High and low pressure steam lines
Condense return lines
Hydraulic systems
Water lines
Air lines
Vacuum lines
Acid lines
Electrical - 1200 req. hrs
Motors and generators
Wiring and conduit
Controllers, starters, push button circuit, etc.
Major mill power distribution circuits
Circuit breakers
Electrical instruments: Ammeter / Volt meter / Continuity testers / Wattmeter / Synchroscope
Circuit marking and tracing
Control devices, timers, starting delay
A.C., Power 3 phase, single phase and various voltages
D.C. power

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