Production Operator

Hybrid Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Tesla, Inc.
O*Net Code
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Req. Hours
Apr 04, 2021
Apr 04, 2021

Time-Based Skills

10 skill sets | 20 total skills | 3680 total hours
Ensure adherence to department workflow processes and standard operating procedures - 540 req. hrs
Awareness of departmental workflow processes and standard operating procedures
180 hrs
Follows process planning steps to standard operating procedure
180 hrs
Follows safety & 6s processes
180 hrs
Prepares anode and cathode material for the winding machines - 900 req. hrs
Prepares anode and cathode material for winding machines
180 hrs
Ensuring no defects during the process
180 hrs
Ensure accurate delivery of materials to production floor - 1080 req. hrs
Safely works to meet production schedules
180 hrs
Perform and document maintenance and inspection checks - 1440 req. hrs
Using manufacturers' literature/recommendations or plant resources, identify the check frequencies for given equipment
180 hrs
Accurately document maintenance performed in maintenance management system
180 hrs
Troubleshoot machines problems - 1620 req. hrs
Ability to identify a faulted component, wire, module, etc. and escalate to certified maintenance technician
180 hrs
Perform quality checks - 2160 req. hrs
Studies and interprets drawings, manuals, specifications or sample parts to determine dimensions and tolerances of finished work pieces, sequence of operations and set up requirements
180 hrs
Accurately sets up and calibrates tools and machines
180 hrs
Fully understands area process and implications to downstream areas
180 hrs
Conducts performance testing - 2340 req. hrs
Accurately conducts performance testing according to standardizing operating procedure
180 hrs
Maintain a clean and safe working environment - 3140 req. hrs
Keeps equipment and work area clean and orderly
200 hrs
Follows OSHA safety regulations
200 hrs
Uses proper handling and lifting techniques
200 hrs
Adheres to 6s policy
200 hrs
Analyze and estimate workload - 3320 req. hrs
Able to effectively determine the time, effort, and resources necessary to carry out specific tasks
180 hrs
Prepare documentation and communicate with coworkers - 3680 req. hrs
Works with the technical writers to write clear and concise SOPs
180 hrs
Communicates openly with superiors and peers
180 hrs

Technical Instruction

General Industry Safety
This is a general safety course for an industrial environment. Apprentices will learn OSHA regulations, personal safety and understand the importance of safe work habits.
# | 20 hrs
Material Handling
This course provides an overview of the functions and operation of various types of common powered and non-powered industrial material handling equipment. OSHA regulations and standards governing the safe use of powered industrial trucks are covered.
# | 30 hrs
Quality Control
This course introduces apprentices to the fundamental principles and practices of industrial quality control. Total Quality Management (TQM), Acceptance Sampling Systems are discussed in depth.
# | 50 hrs
Automated Production Concepts
This course introduces apprentices to the concepts of production systems management and control. This course stresses materials resource planning and basic production line controls, to include robotic, conveyer, machine tool, and quality integration.
# | 60 hrs