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Registered Nurse Resident

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
St. David’s Healthcare Partnership
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

19 skill sets | 84 total skills
Curriculum (includes Med/Surgical, Oncology, Neuro, Ortho, Telemetry, Rehab) (Didactic Content, Health stream content, & Clinical Skills)
General Didactic
Residency Overview
Intravenous and Blood Administration
Bedside Shift Report, Team Communication, Situation-Background- Assessment-Recommendations (SBAR) & Chain of Command
Psych Issues in Acute Care
Prevention of Post-op Complications
Case Management
Core Measures
Time & Stress Management
Service Excellence 2.0
Intro to Code
Advanced Directives & End of Life Care
Spinal Surgeries
Preparing for The Joint Commission (TJC)
Basic Dysrhythmia
Documentation and Communication of Critical Incidents in Patient Care
Lab Values
Pain Management
Bariatric Concerns
Preparing the Patient for Surgery
Patient Education
Wound and Ostomy Car
Oncology Course
For nurses who care for Oncology Patients only
Central Line Dressing Change
Port-a-Cath access
Nasogastric Tube/Dobhoff Tube insertion, management and removal
Chest tube management
Bedside Shift Report
Pediatric General
(Didactic, Clinical Skills, & Continuing Education Direct Modules) *In addition to the general medical surgical topics
Pediatric Didactic
Overview of developmental ages
Psychosocial issues and challenges
Age-appropriate communication
Comprehensive pediatric assessment
Pediatric vs Adult airway
Respiratory assessment
Management of respiratory distress
Pain and sedation scales
Assessing pain at different developmental ages
Pediatric considerations
Clinical Indicators
Legal obligations and reporting
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)- Meditech
Computerized Physician Order Entry
Critical Care/Emergency Department General
(Didactic Content, Health stream content, & Clinical Skills) *In addition to the general medical surgical topics
Critical Care/Emergency Department Didactic
Critical Care/Emergency Department Series: Essentials of Dysrhythmia
Critical Care/Emergency Department Series: Pulmolandia
Critical Care/Emergency Department Series: Lub Dub, Cardiac and TOSA
Critical Care/Emergency Department Series: Synaptic Connections
Critical Care/Emergency Department Series: Kidneys Colons and Glands...Oh My!
Critical Care/Emergency Department Series: Hemodynamics
Critical Care/Emergency Department Emergency Department Specific
Critical Care/Emergency Department Series: ED ONLY – Stat Care
Pediatric Specialty Day
ED Skills
Perioperative General
(Didactic, Clinical Skills, & E-learning) *In addition to the general Medical Surgical topics
EMR - Meditech (CPOE)
Perioperative Didactic and Hands On
Surgical Time Outs
Gowning/Gloving/Sterile Packaging
Traffic Patterns
Instruments/Sterile Processing
Surgical Counts
Transporting Patients/Positioning/or tables
Site ID/Wound Classification
Latex Allergy
Do Not Resuscitate in the OR/Bereavement/Surgical Codes
Personal Protective Equipment/Medical waste/Specimens
Perioperative Fire
Labor/Delivery & Postpartum General
(Didactic Content, Health stream content, & Clinical Skills) *In addition to the general medical surgical topics*
EMR - Meditech (CPOE) and Centricity Perinatal
Labor/Delivery & Postpartum Didactic Perinatal Orientation Education Program Modules
Module 2- Physiologic & Psychosocial Adaptation to Pregnancy
Module 3 -The Process of Labor & Birth
Module 4 - Complications of Pregnancy Part I
Module 5 - Complications of Pregnancy Part II
Module 6 - Postpartum Assessment & Nursing Care
Module 7 - Newborn Assessment & Nursing Care
Module 9 - Perinatal Safety & Risk Management
Module 10 - Perinatal Loss
Labor/Delivery & Postpartum Obstetric Airway and Anesthesia
Labor/Delivery & Postpartum Perioperative Nursing for OB - Didactic and Simulation
Labor/Delivery & Postpartum Breastfeeding/Lactation Support
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) General
(Didactic, Clinical Skills, & Reading - Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care by Merenstein & Gardner (8th Edition))
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) EMR - Meditech (CPOE) and Centricity Perinatal

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