Room Attendant/Housekeeper

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
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Los Angeles Hospitality Training Academy
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Apr 04, 2021
Apr 04, 2021

Time-Based Skills

3 skill sets | 0 total skills | 0 total hours
The Nature of Guestroom Services & Hospitality - 0 req. hrs
The Role and Duties of the Room Attendant - 0 req. hrs
Hotel Guests & Roles of the Customer - 0 req. hrs

Technical Instruction

Introduction to Rooms Services & Hospitality
This course is designed to give students a clear understanding of the hospitality industry including different categories of hotels, types of guests, the concept of service as it applies to the roles of guests as well as employees, and finally an introduction to the duties of room attendants.
# | 6 hrs
Hotel Operations
This course provides students with necessary terminology and common acronyms used in the hospitality industry to help them more effectively communicate with colleagues and supervisors. Students will also understand common standard hotel policies such as elevator courtesy, use of facilities and public areas, and so on.
# | 4 hrs
Being a Successful Employee
This course is designed to prepare students for success on the job by covering fundamental expectations of employers and the skills necessary to satisfy and exceed those expectations. Topics covered include personal appearance, professional conduct, organization & time management, sexual harassment definitions and policies, as well as other knowledge and skills to give new employees a better chance at success.
# | 9 hrs
Exceptional Customer Service
This fifteen-hour course covers customer service concepts including a more in-depth description of service as well as covering the concepts of reputation management, building rapport, presentation, effective communication, dealing with difficult people, and exceeding guest expectations. Students who complete this course will gain a better sense of how to provide exceptional customer service to help create memorable experiences for their guests.
# | 15 hrs
Hotel Rooms Division
This course provides an overview of hotel departments and how they work together, as well as providing information on the responsibilities and duties of the rooms division. Topics include the importance of the rooms division, the guest cycle duties including cleaning and providing a comfortable environment, customer service, and working with other departments such as engineering/maintenance, front desk and others.
# | 6 hrs
Cultural Awareness & Diversity
This course provides an opportunity for students to evaluate their own sense of cultural intelligence and provide them with information to better work with and serve people from other cultural backgrounds. Participants will learn about ways to compare and contrast cultures while gaining a deeper understanding and acceptance of various aspects other cultures.
# | 4 hrs
Technology & Social Media
This course will give participants an introduction to computers as well as the understanding and rules needed to avoid damaging their organization’s or personal reputation due to the misuse of social media. Students will get an overview of social media and how it affects the public’s perception and the success of their company.
# | 3 hrs
Awareness of Safety & Security
This course will help students learn how to avoid work related injuries from situations that involve bloodborne pathogens, mixing chemical cleaners and more as well as using proper safety equipment, administering first aid and dealing with emergencies. In addition, students will learn about the Americans with Disabilities Act, service animals and suspicious activity including suspicious people, terrorism and human trafficking.
# | 15 hrs
This course will help students learn how to avoid work related injuries from situations that involve heavy lifting, reaching and over-extending, and other physical motions that could cause damage instantly or over long periods of time. Upon completion of this course, students will be more aware of how to avoid injuries that could inhibit their work.
# | 3 hrs
Room Services
This section of the course provides students with the actual hands-on training and competencies needed to successfully and safely perform the duties of room attendants within required time of fourteen rooms per day. This course will cover all facets of room cleaning including, but not limited to ergonomics, chemical cleaners, biohazards, bedmaking, bathroom, floors, amenities and more.
# | 80 hrs
Job Interview Skills
This course will give students the skills and confidence they need to successfully pass job interviews and gain employment upon the conclusion of the Room Attendant training program. Students will learn what to expect before, during and after a job interview as well as what employers are looking for and hoping to hear.
# | 4 hrs
Review & Preparation for the Certified Guestroom Attendant Examination (AHLEI)
This course provides an opportunity to review all material covered throughout this program and gives the student a chance to prepare for AHLEI’s Certified Guestroom Attendant Examination.
# | 4 hrs