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Sheet Metal Worker

Time-Based Apprenticeship
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Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

6 skill sets | 40 total skills
General Sheet Metal Work - 1000 req. hrs
Nomenclature and properties of metals used
Welding as it pertains to the trade
Single and double seaming
Use of rule and square
Basic principles of metal layout
Operation of Hand Tools and Power Machines - 1400 req. hrs
Proper use of snips, pliers, hand tongs, hammers and punchers
Operation of bending brake; power and manual
Operation of squaring shears
Operation of rotary tools; i.e. bender, crimper and edger
Operation of roller
Operation of bar folder
Operation of lock former
Operation of drills and drill press
Ventilation and Air Conditioning - 1500 req. hrs
Rectangular duct layout
Fabrication of duct locks of all types
Fabrication of flexible connections
Principles of duct sizing
Layout and fabrication of turning vanes and dampers
Erection methods of rectangular duct
Insulation of cooling duct
Calculating heat gain and ventilation requirements
Location of supply and return registers
Sizing supply and return ducts
Exhaust and Blow Pipe Work - 1800 req. hrs
Round pipe layout
Layout and fabrication of elbows, "Y's", "T's" and angles
Fabrication of dust collectors
Erection of round pipe conveying systems
Erection of fans for blow pipe systems
Roofing, Spouting and Guttering - 300 req. hrs
Fabrication of special gutters, spouting, flashing flat seam & standing seam roofing
Force and Warm Air Systems - 1000 req. hrs
Layout, fabrication and installation of forced air heating systems ductwork
Erection of forced air furnace ductwork
Staging and scaffold usage
Boiler breeching
Location of supply and return registers
Sizing supply and return ducts
Installation and adjustment of controls
Checking and adjustment of air distribution
Sizing, installing and adjustment of auxiliary equipment

Technical Instruction

Practical Arithmetic
Practical Geometry
Strength and Materials
Geometric Drawing
Elements of Projection Drawing
Development of Surfaces
Sheet Metal Drafting
Small Business Management
Customer Relations

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