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Stamping Press Operator

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Urban Institute
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

7 skill sets | 45 total skills
Inspects parts for quality and compliance
Measures and verifies materials for quality and size
Matches and inspects parts to print
Measures heights and depths
Checks and records part profiles
Plans job and prepares for setup and production
Reliably follows the instructions of others
Willingly asks questions about things not fully understood
Works with due regard for the safety of others
Establishes a system of maintaining appropriate notes and reminders and completes any required logs, calibration records, etc.
Ensures proper communications between previous and next shifts, with both operations and supervision
Identifies problems and changes that could lead to problems by exchanging information with operators, supervisors, and others
Establishes trust and rapport with operators, supervisors, and others
Sets up safety equipment and devices
Cleans, connects, and verifies shortfeed detectors and sensors
Tests and verifies operation of light curtains and mats
Installs and inspects safety equipment
Sets program tonnage monitor to predetermined engineering specifications
Sets up die
Determines and sets shut height
Cleans bolster, ram, and top/bottom of die
Selects clamping devices and aligns and places die in press
Checks, installs, and sets bolster blocks, dies, and material bridge
Replaces/cleans filters and greases/lubes guide components
Sets pilot release, knockouts, air cushion, and manifold pressure
Installs and adjusts lubrication system or equipment
Runs and inspects first parts
Inspects parts for compliance during run, makes adjustments, and seeks approval
Sets up auxiliaries and press
Installs conveyors, stackers, and part-out conveyors
Positions/sets uncoiler, magazine or blank, and material/feeder
Sets/adjusts straightener, feed length, and leveler
Sets tension on slack loop
Installs/sets transfer or automated system or devices and hydraulic and/or pneumatic systems
Orients parts for secondary operations, prepares/positions part-cleaning equipment, and sets/positions packaging for production
Cleans feed and straightener rollers
Runs production
Loads coil, strip, or blanks
Starts and stops press
Feeds and welds material properly
Monitors, removes and replaces, and replenishes parts if necessary
Sets press speed and adjusts shut height
Packages finished parts
Sets and adjusts counter balance
Monitors and adjusts controls and, if necessary, transfers them
Troubleshoots operations
Determines cause of double hits
Finds out why material has buckled
Diagnoses the cause of a short/overfeed condition
Finds out why press will not start
Responds to sensor faults
Determines why parts have visual defects

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