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Storage and Distribution Manager

Time-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc.
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

12 skill sets | 41 total skills
Customer Service - 100 req. hrs
Client communication
Understand client requests
Order management
Purchasing - 250 req. hrs
Introduction to supplier conversations
Introduction to purchasing procedures
Basics of vendor management for material and supplies
Demand Planning - 200 req. hrs
Fundamentals to determine equipment and staffing levels to load, unload, move and store materials
Warehouse/Fulfillment - 300 req. hrs
Receiving and storing inventory
Processing and shipping the order
Handling returns
Transportation - 350 req. hrs
Material moving
Warehouse storage and logic
Inventory Management - 200 req. hrs
Utilizing inventory management software
Recording the inventory
Controlling the stock
Working with suppliers
Coordinating warehouse staff processes
General Management - 50 req. hrs
Company processes
Organization basics and charts
Compliance - 50 req. hrs
Safe, productive machinery handling
Safety equipment for personnel
Designated and marked work areas
Clean and orderly work environment
Packaging/Materials Handling - 300 req. hrs
Movement, storage, control, and protection of materials, products, and packaged goods throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, and disposal
Enclosing materials and products for distribution and movement
Packaging regulation & Material
Shipping requirements
Information Technology (IT) usage - 50 req. hrs
Related and relevant software for inventory management, shipping and material handling
Microsoft's suite (MS) office applications
Supply Chain Security - 50 req. hrs
Credentialing of participants in the supply chain
Screening and validating the contents of cargo being shipped
Advance notification of the contents to the destination country
Ensuring the security of cargo while in-transit via the use of locks and tamper-proof seals
Inspecting cargo on entry
Hazardous Materials - 50 req. hrs
Appropriate containers
Designated storage areas
Fire protection
Issue response

Technical Instruction

Certificate I: Certified Logistics Associate - 60 req. hrs
Global Supply Chain Logistics
Logistics Environment
Material Handling Equipment
Safety Principles
Safe Material Handling
Equipment Operations
Quality Control Principles
Work Communication
Teamwork & Good Workplace Conduct
Certificate II: Certified Logistics Technician - 60 req. hrs
Product Storage
Product Receiving
Order Processing
Packaging & Shipment
Inventory Control
Safe Handling 0f Hazardous
Evaluation of Transport Modes
Dispatch and Tracking Operations
Measurements & Conversions
Introduction Supply Chain - 8 req. hrs
Nature of planning
Certificate II: Certified Logistics Technician - 60 req. hrs
Independent and dependent demand planning (top down, sales & operations, master scheduling, material & capacity, inventory, production process)
Inventory management
Supply chain concepts, processes, and techniques
Integrated supply chain management
Communication - 8 req. hrs
The Dynamic in Groups: Communications model for interactions practiced in teams
Straightforward and to the Point: Appropriate feedback and effective judgment – guidelines to achieve desired outcome
Conversational Intelligence/Trust: The neuroscience of conversational intelligence – the power of trust
The Secret Sauce to Conflict Resolution: Control conversations and situations to effectively resolving conflict
Lean Manufacturing: Basic Concepts of Lean Manufacturing – Elimination of Waste - 4 req. hrs
Waste of Unnecessary Motion
Waste of Inventory
Production of Defects
Waste of Waiting
Waste of Transportation
Waste of Over Processing
Lean Manufacturing - 2 req. hrs
Live Demonstration of the Tools and Methodology Necessary to Implement “Lean” on the Shop Floor
Understanding of non-value added activities in manufacturing
Lean Manufacturing: Improve productivity by - 2 req. hrs
Applying standard work
Using visual controls
Set-up reduction
Batch size reduction
Point-of-use storage
Quality at the source
Pull systems

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