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Substation Operator

Time-Based Apprenticeship
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

14 skill sets | 87 total skills
Orientation - 120 req. hrs
Service, regional, local, and section organization
Training requirements
Routine operational procedures
Fire prevention and protection equipment
Familiarization - 160 req. hrs
Pumping plants
Switch yards
Fish facilities
Water control facilities
Computer systems
SOPs, EPPs, and special orders
Single line drawings
Safe clearance procedures
Theory-Print Reading-Computer Logics - 800 req. hrs
AC/DC theory
Motor/generator theory
Protective relaying theory
Single line and schematic diagrams
Computer logics
Math/computation of power, KVA, water, etc.
Station Service Auxiliaries - 500 req. hrs
Air compressors and associated piping
Plant water and sewage facilities
Batteries and DC distribution
AC distribution
Oil storage, transfer, pumps and piping
Cooling water pumps and piping
Fire protection - pumps and piping - CO2 systems
Equipment lubrication and cleaning
Water Control Facilities - 250 req. hrs
Butterfly valves
Fixed wheel gates, coaster gates, leaf gates
Hollow jet, jet flow, tube valves
Drum gates, radial gates, regulating gates
Stop logs
Siphon breakers
Generators/Motors - 1000 req. hrs
Voltage regulation equipment
Lubrication systems, braking, jacking
Cooling systems
Fire protection systems
Annunciator systems
Protective relays
Normal operating parameters, corrective actions, abnormal situations
Transformers - 250 req. hrs
Types (potential, current, power)
Oil systems and associated piping
Cooling systems and piping
Gas systems
Limitations and protective devices
Circuit Breakers and Disconnects - 200 req. hrs
Oil breakers
Air breakers
Gas breakers
Protective relaying
Types of disconnects
Switch Yards - 200 req. hrs
Switchyard configurations
AC distribution systems
DC distribution systems
Water systems
Oil systems
Fire protection systems
Transmission Lines - 100 req. hrs
Protective relaying
Computer Systems - 1000 req. hrs
System monitoring capabilities
System control capabilities
System analysis capabilities
CRT control functions
Plant Operations (Local Manual, Supervisory, Computer) - 1300 req. hrs
Unit starting/stopping/condensing
Station service auxiliaries
Water control facilities
Transformers and auxiliaries
Circuit breakers and disconnects
Transmission switching
Computer operation
Clearances, special conditions, general switching
Fish facilities
Operational Analysis - 820 req. hrs
Corrective actions for abnormal plant conditions
Protective relaying
Safe clearance procedure
Switchman certification
Log keeping, trouble reporting, monthly reports, load surveys
Chain of command for decision making
Safety - 400 req. hrs
Safety and accident prevention
First aid and CPR

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