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Support and Retention Coordinator 2

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
National Center for Healthcare Apprenticeships (NCHA)
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

11 skill sets | 33 total skills
Participate in the interview process of Home Care Providers (HCPs)
Make recommendations
Provide feedback
Provide and coordinate intensive support, communication, and feedback for post- introductory HCPs, while partnering with the HCP Supervisor (HCPS) to identify specific needs
Identify issues in the field and accurately document issues within tracking system
Conduct required check-ins, observations, and follow up calls or check in calls
Address disciplinary issues and service complaints
Provide additional body mechanics training post-workers compensation injury
Provide intensive support those continuing to struggle and whose introductory, stage has been extended
Facilitate introductory HCP check-in meetings
Introduces new HCPs to their clients during new hire's first week as needed
Provide back up to SRC 1 when additional support is required
Mentor and coach HCPs
Analyze HCP work
Suggest ways to improve catered towards the HCP's strengths and areas of improvement
Team with supervisory personnel analyzing the work of new HCPs
Identify strengths and areas for improvement
Help develop HCP skillset
Suggest SMART goals for HCP evaluations
Suggest improvements to the New Hire and Check in meetings
Provide more extensive feedback/documentation on Procura and other format on HCP performance
Demonstrate advanced computer and database skills
Demonstrate intermediate understanding of Microsoft Office Suite, including Outlook
Demonstrate advanced understanding of Procura
Practice advanced conflict management and critical thinking techniques and facilitates experiences for HCPs and Clients
Identify and assess complex issues in the field
Provide nuanced resolutions to HCPs
Partnering with supervisor to provide support for HCP
Communicate in a highly charged incident to come together to find a balanced solution
Partnering with Case Managers in mediations if necessary
Provide primary and specialized training
Conduct annual refreshers on proper body mechanics
Identify other specialized training that require frequent HCP visits
Train HCPs on transfers and other specialized training tasks
Advanced infection control
Demonstrate the ability to work with less supervision
Identify issues and best practices in the field with the skill set
Make decisions with minimal direction
Demonstrate ability to set challenging but feasible goals for getting work done with Clients
Handling challenging work environments
Managing clients who are resistant to services, severe hoarding and cluttering tendencies, risk of eviction, etc.
Create a positive connection for the HCPs that have limited interaction with administrative staff
Build relationships
Identify issues along with best practices solutions and communicate it back to the HCPs

Technical Instruction

Coaching and Mentoring - 16 req. hrs
Prepare participants to lead through collaboration and encourage other team mates to accomplish goals by developing the ability to cater towards strengths.
Advanced Infection Control - 16 req. hrs
Prepare participant to describe and demonstrate infection control and standard precautions, including washing hands, putting on gloves, changing linens, removing waste, cleaning, and disposing of sharps properly, describe proper care of those with communicable and non-communicable diseases, identify pressure sores, risk factors for their development, and common sites where they develop, and describe how to prevent pressure sores.
Advanced Communication - 16 req. hrs
Prepare participant to communicate clearly and effectively through techniques such as use of simple language, open-ended questions and comprehension of basic medical terminology.
Advanced Problem Solving and Conflict Management - 16 req. hrs
Prepare participant to work with team mates and clients who are struggling to communicate in highly charged environments and provide a means to bring all parties to the table to find a balanced solution, and develop the ability to identify/assess complex issues in the field, and provide more nuanced resolution and feedback.
Developing Others - 16 req. hrs
Prepare participant to recognize strengths and weaknesses of teammates and develop strategies to improve skillset on an ongoing basis via consistent feedback loop of documentation and setting SMART Goals and Areas of Improvement.
Specialized Technical Training - 16 req. hrs
Prepare participant to observe and advise on proper body mechanics, use of Hoyer Lift, Bed transfer and pivot transfers.
Advanced Computer and Database - 16 req. hrs
Prepare participants to build on basic computer skillset so each can have more advanced skillset in Microsoft Office, allowing for independent navigation of a database system, manage and run reports, sort and interpret the reports with accuracy, develop advanced PowerPoint techniques.
Building Relationships - 16 req. hrs
Prepare participant to create and develop a positive connection to teammates and manage relationships with clients with complex conditions so they can identify recurring issues and identify best practice solutions.

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