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Surgical Technologist

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
National Center for Healthcare Apprenticeships (NCHA)
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

6 skill sets | 46 total skills
Demonstrate Knowledge of the Operating Room (OR) Environment and Its Procedures, Policies and Practices
Recognize the professional roles and responsibilities of each member of the surgical team
Perform the role and duties of a surgical technologist in a professional manner
Use clear communication skills, both written and verbal
Performs the duties of a surgical technologist as a team member, in professional relationships with other departments
Describe law and ethics and how they affect the work of the surgical technologist
Demonstrate skill and knowledge of safety in the OR, such as: OSHA regulations, blood borne pathogens, infection control procedures, emergency protocols, asepsis, ergonomics, fire, radiological and patient safety, and prevention of sharp injuries
Plan and organize work
Demonstrate Competencies for all Surgical Preparation Duties
Plan for scheduled procedure by checking surgery schedule and picking cases by preference card, ready the room and instruments/supplies per procedure protocol, and consulting with surgeon and team members as needed
Identify and perform patient care needs before surgery as required
Assist others with preparing for surgery
Assist with opening the sterile equipment and supplies and preparing the sterile field
Select and organize correct equipment and instruments, including assembling trays and count sheet; doing initial and all subsequent required counts of instruments, sharps, and sponges; and maintaining logs
Anticipate the needs of team members coming into the OR and preparing accordingly
Recognize potential and actual emergencies and prepare by having appropriate equipment, instruments and/or supplies available per protocol
Outreach to appropriate resources when additional knowledge is needed about upcoming procedures, equipment, instruments or other OR questions
Demonstrate Competencies During Surgery
Perform surgical scrub, demonstrate the principles for donning sterile attire and assist others as needed
Prepare and assist with draping, demonstrating the principles of draping to create a sterile field before surgery starts according to protocol
Monitor the sterile field, identify breaks in sterile techniques and take corrective action according to protocol if occurs
Receive drugs or solutions into the sterile field
Perform all duties of a surgical technologist regarding patient care during surgery
Demonstrate knowledge of the instruments and equipment, their use and function
Perform counts of instruments, sharps, and sponges with the appropriate nurse or other personnel at prescribed intervals during surgery and after procedure
Demonstrate how to handle hazardous materials during surgery
Pass instruments to surgeon or surgical team correctly and safely as required
Anticipate surgeon's needs and prepare in advance for requests
Prepare sutures for use as needed and assist with various specific phases of procedures as requested
Handle specimens and all products of surgery per protocols
Practice safety procedures and infection control, such as handling sharps on sterile field, keeping electro cautery instruments in safe place, labeling of medications in the sterile field, radiation, electrical safety and other areas
Maintain room organization
Track and maintain adequate supplies
Demonstrate Competencies in Post-Surgical Responsibilities and Procedures
Assist in cleaning patient's skin, dressings/casts, repositioning and other duties for post-operation as needed for patient
Transport patient safely from OR to designated room
Perform patient care post-surgery within surgical technologist scope of work
Demonstrate procedures to correctly care and account for all instruments used in OR and send to appropriate place post-surgery
Disinfect furniture/equipment and remove any items as appropriate within guidelines
Transport and/or properly dispose of operation waste and other items
Complete decontamination, as per protocol
Recognize and Demonstrate Knowledge of the Maintenance of Surgical Supplies and Equipment
Wash and decontaminate instruments in the CSS decontamination area
Ultrasound, milk, rinse, and dry instruments per standards
Set up and assemble instrument trays in the CSS clean instrument area in preparation for sterilization
Perform OR Team Procedures
Assist in room cleaning and turnover procedures between surgical cases as required
Obtain blood from blood bank upon request
Deliver specimens to the lab per protocols
Prepare and operate equipment such as sterilizers as requested
Maintain orderly environment, check supplies and equipment, and restock as needed
Work as team member on tasks needed to be done

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