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Teacher Resident

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Classroom Academy
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

6 skill sets | 22 total skills
Knowledge of Students and Student Learning
Demonstrate knowledge of and are responsive to diverse learning needs, strengths, interests, and experiences of students.
Design instruction that reflects the multiple experiences, strengths, interests, and learning needs of students.
Plan and deliver instruction for individual students or groups of students both independently and under the guidance of the Attending Teacher.
Employ various teaching methods to allow for differentiation, various learning styles, and equitable access to instructional material.
Create opportunities for students to engage in self-directed learning.
Managing and Monitoring Student Learning
Plan and deliver formative assessments for individual or groups of students under the guidance of the Attending Teacher to measure learning and develop next steps.
Use data to adapt instruction to meet learning needs or provide enrichment opportunities.
Use multiple measures and multiple formats, to maintain clear documentation of student growth.
Provide, through clear communication, timely, specific and actionable feedback to students on their daily performance and assessments.
Allow for multiple pathways to learning.
Engage students in self-assessment of learning goals, strategies and outcomes.
Helping Create and Maintain a Safe, Engaging, Culturally Responsive Learning Environment
Set high expectations and clear standards for all learners.
Create a mutually respectful and supportive learning environment to include all students.
Create a climate of acceptance and respect.
Promote student curiosity and enthusiasm where students can openly express their ideas.
Organize and utilize available resources to create a safe, productive learning environment and physical space.
Reflective Practitioner
Reflect on instructional practice to improve effectiveness and guide professional growth.
Adjust goals and strategies based on analysis of formal and informal evidence of student learning.
Set professional goals and monitor progress to continuously improve instructional practice.
Member of Learning Community
Engage and collaborate with the Attending Teacher or other colleagues to have a positive impact on student learning.
Collaborate with the Attending Teacher, families, and the larger community to support student learning.
Use and Integration of Technology
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of technological and information literacy and how they affect student learning by using technological tools and a variety of communication strategies to engage students.

Technical Instruction

Workplace & Safety - 32 req. hrs
Dignity for All Students Act
Child Abuse Reporting
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training – MUST comply with Section 201-g of The Labor Law
Skills and Theory: Knowledge of Students - 92 req. hrs
Child or Adolescent Development
Equity: Culturally Sustaining and Responsive Practice for Diverse Learners
Skills and Theory: Managing and Monitoring Student Learning - 92 req. hrs
Curriculum and Methods Study
Literacy for Native Speakers and Students Learning English as a New Language
Students with Disabilities
Special Education
Technology Tools
Classroom Management

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