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Tool and Die Maker

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Urban Institute
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

6 skill sets | 46 total skills
Inspects materials, die components, features, and details
Measures size of raw materials
Checks surface finish for detects and flaws
Identifies material by type
Verifies calibration of measurement devices
Converts measurements
Locates center lines, checks fit and form using gagging, and measures threads
Plans job and sets up workstation
Reviews and verifies prints and drawings
Obtains and stages raw materials and verifies bill of materials
Prioritizes and schedules workflow/progression
Determines availability of materials and equipment
Obtains and stages die premanufactured components
Determines grinding and heat-treating allowances
Sketches/highlights critical processing information and specs
Determines machining requirements and processes
Verifies/assesses shut height specifications, tonnage requirements, and feedline
Checks safety devices for function
Identifies and determines availability of perishable tooling
Verifies availability of tryout material
Determines resources to adhere to die-building and tryout times
Determines lubrication requirements and plumbing standards
Assesses part and scrap-ejection methods
Sets up equipment and machine components and details
Moves and stages material and parts for machining (CNC/non-CNC) and polishes parts
Inspects machined work pieces for quality and compliance and removes burr from machined parts
Assembles tools and die
Ensures punch is at die clearance
Mounts and checks details for fit and function, punching tools, and forming tools and components
Installs and fits cutting and drawing tools and components
Installs and sets pressure devices or systems and stripping and holding devices
Establishes and sets die timing and mounts/adjusts CAMs or sliding components
Verifies/adjusts slug clearance and grinds/deburrs and mount parallels
Mounts/aligns in-die assembly and hardware and tapping heads
Installs and sets quick die-change components, scrap removal, and part-ejection devices
Installs quality control (QC) sensors and electronics and die-protection sensors and devices
Aligns upper and lower die assembly and checks/adjusts material feed and level on the bench
Installs/makes guide components and checks for sharp edges on noncutting tools
Verifies presence of or installs balances and levelers and sets blocks
Conducts tryouts and develops tools and die
Sets up and conducts press for dry run and/or tryouts
Develops blank/trim profiles
Checks/adjusts shut height and sets blocks
Analyzes, solves, and corrects formability problems and runs at proper rate
Inspects and submits tryout parts for quality and conformance
Troubleshoots tool and die problems
Understands how to read strip
Isolates the cause of why strip is not feeding straight into or through die
Determines why tool steel is chipping or showing premature wear
Determines why die components are breaking
Finds out why scrap or materials are accumulating in the die
Isolates the cause of why a sensor has shut down the press

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