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Transmission Line Worker

Competency-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
Urban Institute
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Competency-Based Skills

5 skill sets | 34 total skills
Prepares for work at job site with proper tools and equipment and a work plan that is sound, clearly communicated, and employs safety precautions
Properly uses and maintains tools and equipment including saws, digging equipment, drills, wrenches, compressors, presses, crimpers and dies
Properly uses and maintains tools and equipment including saws, digging equipment, drills, wrenches, compressors, presses, crimpers and dies
Properly assembles and uses ropes and rigging (handlines, hoisting equipment, slings, shackles, etc.) to ensure personal safety and to move equipment and materials
Operates vehicular equipment properly, including trucks, diggers, and aerial lifts
Plans job tasks and prepares work sites properly including communicating plan to crew and identifying hazards
Adheres to safety requirements including safety of the site, personal safety and the safety of other workers and the community
Abides by workplace health and safety rules, regulations, policies and best practices in carrying out job duties
Provides job site protection for the general public
Performs hazard assessment and controls powerline hazards
Controls environmental hazards
Participates in workplace safety activities
Utilizes personal protective devices and safety equipment properly and consistently (body harness, lanyard, anchor sling, etc.)
Utilizes positioning devices and equipment properly (gaff, body belt, pole-choker, secondary lanyard, etc.)
Installs electrical systems and related structures
Frames and sets power poles properly
Installs pole guys and anchors; attachments; breakers/rods; etc.
Installs and assembles steel structures
Installs steel structure guy wires and anchors
Constructs, maintains, and repairs overhead and underground distribution assets
Overhead - Strings overhead conductors properly and safely
Overhead - Sags overhead conductors
Overhead - Ties-in overhead conductors
Overhead - Splices overhead conductors
Underground - Digs trenches appropriately, using correct equipment and safety precautions – direct buried cables, ducted method, surface troughs, deep bore tunnels, cut and cover tunnels
Underground - Selects appropriate components, cable sealants and compounds, joint bays, stop joints, water cooling systems (if applicable), using correct methods for insulating components and wires
Underground - Identifies environmental hazards and barriers and plans/carries out appropriate mitigation strategies
Underground - Identifies and mitigates land use restrictions
Underground - Inspects, replaces and maintains cables and cable insulation at appropriate intervals and using correct materials and procedures
Operates, maintains, and repairs distribution and transmission systems
Operates overhead and/or underground transmission systems
Operates overhead and/or underground distribution systems
Performs station switching
Inspects distribution and transmission systems
Maintains poles and steel structures
Maintains system components
Identifies and mitigates environmental hazards (i.e. tree trimming, rodent infestations, erosion, etc.)
Repairs overhead and/or underground distribution systems
Repairs overhead and/or underground transmission systems including components (cross arms, conductors, poles and insulators), switches, terminations and other devices

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