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Truck and Bus Mechanic

Time-Based Apprenticeship
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Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

9 skill sets | 39 total skills
Front Axle Assemblies - 500 req. hrs
Dismantle for repair
Repair or replace worn parts
Align front end for proper steering
Rear Axle and Differential - 800 req. hrs
Use of proper types of lubrication
Dismantle and clean for repair
Check grease seals
Assemble differential and adjust
Brake Repairs - 500 req. hrs
Remove wheels
Remove worn brake shoes
Reline shoes with new lining
Check system and adjust
Clutches - 500 req. hrs
Remove Clutch Housing
Remove worn clutch, replace with new assembly
Engines - 2000 req. hrs
Remove from trunk when necessary
Dismantle for repairs
Check bearings for wear
Fit pistons, rings, rods and bearings
Reface valves and lock, grind and adjust
Set timing and adjust engine after assembly
Transmission Repairs - 1100 req. hrs
Remove and replace
Clean and examine parts
Install and adjust
Fuel System - 500 req. hrs
Install new parts and adjust carburetors
Repair or replace fuel pumps
Check, repair, install and adjust various components of diesel system
Electrical System - 500 req. hrs
Repair and adjust distributors
Clean and adjust plugs
Maintain proper condition of storage battery
Repair electrical wiring system
Miscellaneous Repairs - 1400 req. hrs
Repair or replace springs, shock absorbers, and muffler and exhaust pipes
Remove and replace universal joints, drive shafts
Lubrication, grease, oil, PM checks
Wheel balancing
Electrical and gas weld
Sheet metal and body
Overhaul and rebuilding of tractors
Air systems
Accessories Rebuilding (electrical and air)

Technical Instruction

Safety - 32 req. hrs
Identify and define hazardous materials.
Apply federal, state and local regulations when storing and disposing of chemical materials and waste.
Suspension and Steering - 64 req. hrs
Steering Systems Diagnosis and Repair.
Suspension Systems Diagnosis and Repair.
Wheel Alignment Diagnosis Adjustment and Repair.
Wheel and Tire Diagnosis and Repair.
Brakes - 88 req. hrs
Hydraulic System Diagnosis and Repair.
Power assists unit’s diagnosis and repair.
Miscellaneous (Wheel bearings, parking brakes, electrical, etc.) diagnosis and repair.
Electrical/Electronic Systems - 90 req. hrs
General/Electrical System Diagnosis.
Starting systems diagnosis and repair.
Charging systems diagnosis and repair.
Lighting systems diagnosis and repair.
ASE Electrical Certification instruction.
Engine Performance - 96 req. hrs
Intro to General Engine Diagnosis and repair.
Intro to Computerized Engine Controls Diagnosis and repair.
Intro to Ignition System Diagnosis and repair.
Intro to Fuel, Air induction and Exhaust systems diagnosis and repair.
Intro to Emissions Control Systems Diagnosis and Repair.
ASE Engine Performance Certification instruction.
Tire - 16 req. hrs
Basic maintenance, removal and installation of HPLM monitor tires.
Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning - 94 req. hrs
Identification of heating and cooling components and system requirements and procedures.
Basic Heating and cooling diagnostics, trouble shooting and repair.
Identification of Air Conditioning components and system requirements and procedures.
Basic Air Conditioning diagnostics/trouble shooting and repair.
Identification and proper handling of refrigerant gasses.
Recovery/recycle of refrigerant.
Introduction to Air Conditioning refrigerant retrofits.
IMACA Certification.
ASE Heating & Air Conditioning Certification instruction.

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