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Truck Driver, Heavy

Time-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
McLane Company, Inc.,
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

7 skill sets | 66 total skills
Vehicle Inspection (Pre-trip, Inter-Trip, Post-Trip) - 80 req. hrs
Coupling Tractor and Trailer
Checking condition of fifth wheel
Positioning trailer and check height adjustment
Properly connecting glad hands and light cord
Safely backing under trailer
Inspect coupling and ensures fifth wheel is locked
Check glad hands and seals for leaks
Raise and inspect landing gear & trailer ladder where applicable
Inspect clearance between tractor and trailer
Check and adjusts mirrors
Proper Equipment Check
Check brakes and brake connections
Check horn, wipers, tire, fuel
Check lighting devices and reflectors
Check fire extinguisher and emergency equipment
Check coupling devices
Check steering mechanism
PeopleNet - 40 req. hrs
Log in and out procedures
Tracking a trip
Downloading a route
HOS service break an lunch regulations
Paper log and log edit protocols
Driving Skills - 850 req. hrs
Starting Engine Properly: Clutch in / Shift neutral / Allows warm up / Does not race engine / Parking brake set
Driving at Proper Speed: Obeys all limits / Does not drive too slowly / Slows for inclement conditions
Approaching Intersections: Shifting to lower gear when necessary / Travelling at the proper speed required for intersections / Looking in all directions and managing traffic patterns / Uses horn when necessary /Stops for blind spots / Adhering to vehicles and speed limits from on ramps and off ramps
Following at Proper Distance: Does not tailgate / Allows enough distance for reaction time / Increases space due to restrictions and inclement weather
Makes Turns, Curves and Changing Lanes: Safely changing lanes on the highway and in traffic / Using signal in advance to change lanes or turn / Using proper preparatory lanes / Proper swing when turning
Obeying Traffic Signs and Signals: Adhering to vehicle in traffic laws and traffic control devices / Approaching and adheres to cross-walk laws / Making proper stops and yields correctly / Stopping at a proper distance from traffic control devices
Backing and Parking: Straight and blind side backing / Using spotter when available adhering to Driver and Spotter Best Practice / Properly using mirrors when backing / Proper use of turn signals / Parking in a safe location
Proper Mechanical Operation: Shifting properly during conditions / Using proper gear on grades / Controlling engine so it does not race or stall
Operating the Vehicle Smoothly and Courteously: Signaling whenever warranted / Yielding to right away vehicles / Hazard Awareness / Yielding to pedestrians
Driver and Delivery Document Preparation - 40 req. hrs
Driver Pay Summary
Load Stop Summary
Stop Manifest
Hazardous Materials
Fuel Trip Report
Special Communications Sheet
Exception Sheet
Load Quality Report
Load Request Change Form
Bill of Lading/Manifest
Paper Credits
Delivery Driver Handheld - 420 req. hrs
Proof of delivery - Delivery Manifest
Delivery sequence
Container labels by item category
Scanning product
Division load and stop codes
Special Delivery Procedures - 70 req. hrs
All Customers
Food Safety & Quality Assurance
Reclamation & USST Pickups
Load close process
Driver pick-up process
Damage and Returns pick-up process
Credit Process
Delivery Process & Spoiling the Customer - 430 req. hrs
Follows proper procedures with ramp and set-up
Stack and store product safely
Piece identification and count
Proper delivery process
Courteous to customers and public
Performing piece count with customer
Does not prop door during delivery
Code of Ethics
Dock Safety

Technical Instruction

ELM Training - 10 req. hrs
Driver Delivery Procedures
Food Safety Security
Driver Security Awareness
Driver Preparation & Rollover
Workplace Violence
3 Dimensions of Safe Driving
Drug and Alcohol Awareness
Electronic User Security
General Safety
Preventing Sprains and Strains Introduction: Welcome to McLane Co.
New Hire Orientation - 50 req. hrs
The History of McLane Driver Award Programs
Entry Level Driver Training
The Beginning of Your Run
Pre-Trip Inspection
Exiting the Yard
Rules of the Road
Making the Delivery
Check-in Procedures
Special Delivery Procedures
The End of Your Run
Route Training Driver Assignment
Equipment and Uniforms
Defensive Driving Course
Customer Service Foundations
Spoil the Customer I-Speak Training - 15 req. hrs
Listening and Questioning
McLane Safety Best Practices

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