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Wastewater Systems Operation Specialist

Time-Based Apprenticeship
Sponsoring Company:
National Rural Water Association
O*Net Code
Rapids Code
Req. Hours
Jul 16, 2021
Jul 16, 2021

Time-Based Skills

4 skill sets | 17 total skills
Tools, Equipment and Work Place Safety - 240 req. hrs
Become familiar with tools, pipe and other materials used out on the job
Understand and use personal protective equipment and safety procedures
Demonstrate general plant safety and security operations
Plan and set up work areas for safety of crew and public
Confined spaces and traffic control zones
Perform all work in conformance with OSHA regulations
Vehicles and Heavy Equipment - 400 req. hrs
Ensure vehicles and equipment are adequately stocked & serviced
Become familiar working with excavation and other heavy equipment
System Operations & Maintenance - 1920 req. hrs
Develop a working knowledge of the operation, methods and procedures of a wastewater treatment & collection system
Perform installation and inspection of new sewer lines and services
Demonstrate ability to read and interpret maps and drawings of the wastewater system
Assist with the installation, maintenance and repair of the wastewater treatment plant, collection system, pump stations and lift stations
Develop a working knowledge of preventive maintenance, troubleshooting & repair of mechanical equipment
Quality Control - 960 req. hrs
Learn to perform all aspects of sampling, monitoring and testing required to maintain compliance with Federal State and Local regulations
Identify normal/out-of-range values
Maintain open communication & report results to supervisors
Learn emergency response procedures

Technical Instruction

Orientation - 6 req. hrs
Apprenticeship Program overview
Basic job duties & work environment
On the Job Learning (OJL)
Circuit Rider training assistance
NRWA Water University
WaterPro Online Community Apprenticeship Forum
Safety - 12 req. hrs
Safety rules & practices
Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
811 Call Before You Dig
Excavation, trenching & shoring
Confined space entry & hazardous gases
Fire & Electrical safety
Traffic control
Chlorine safety
Professional Requirements - 6 req. hrs
Certifications & licensure
Responsibilities of a Wastewater System Operations Specialist
Ethics as a public health & environmental professional
Customer service & community outreach
Professional organizations
Operations & Maintenance - 144 req. hrs
Pumps & motors
Valves & other appurtenances
Collection systems
Treatment Processes
Decentralized (onsite or cluster) systems
Laboratory procedures
Detention structures & settling basins
Biosolids handling
Preventative maintenance
Recordkeeping & Reporting
Work orders
Operator Mathematics - 24 req. hrs
Problem solving strategies
Conversions & mathematical operations
Geometry problems
Calculating chemical dosage & detention time
Flow & rate problems
Horsepower calculations
Security & Emergency Response - 24 req. hrs
Critical Infrastructure Sector designation
Vulnerability assessments
National Incident Management System
Emergency response plans & procedures
Laws & Regulations - 32 req. hrs
Clean Water Act basic requirements
Working with regulators
State laws & regulations
Regulatory compliance
Introduction to Utility Management - 24 req. hrs
Capacity development & sustainable utility management
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Finances, rates & billing
Water University - Utility Management Certification
Understanding budgets
Working with boards and elected officials

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